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Traditional butter toffee

Kanelimamma’s gluten-free butter toffee is made with love in a small candy factory, using Kanelimamma’s founder Hanne’s own recipe from her childhood. The producer was found through friends’ contacts
and is located in an idyllic little village in Poland. The family owned factory has a long history and it has produced ice creame already in 50´s.


Kanelimamma wanted to make toffee that is made with real butter and has no palm oil in it. This is uncommon nowadays. You can taste the flavor of the butter and old people are smiling when tasting the toffee because of remembering the own childhood days!

Kanelimamma cares about its friends and wants to create good feelings and well-being by offering only clean products. The traditional butter toffee does not only have 0% palm oil, but it also is additive-free. The candy wrapping has no printing colours on it – it’s a simple, beautiful white paper.


Kanelimamma also takes care of nature by packing the toffees by hand into brown ecological paper bags.

The toffees are packed by hand in Finland into beautiful packages. The labels are designed by Kanelimamma’s founder Hanne. The packing itself is a true handicraft and Kanelimamma

employs many local youths for it.

There are two different flavours in Kanelimamma’s selection: the traditional soft butter toffee and the cinnamon toffee which tastes just like cinnamon rolls. As far as we at Kanelimamma know, this is something completely unique in the world. The packages come in two sizes: 150 and 250 grams. The beautiful labels reflect different holiday seasons and themes throughout the year. Bring a little joy into a friends (or your own) day with a good, delicious present that fits every season!

Traditional butter toffee without palmoil. Toffee is soft and not too sticky. The packing itself is a true handicraft and there are many themes in it.  INGREDIENTS: sugar, glucose syrup, milkpowder, butter, flavor, salt.  Please storage in a cool and dry place.

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