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Kanelimamma serves high-quality, dark spiced Arabica coffee in beautiful packages with a hint of the old-fashioned atmosphere from Granny’s house. The coffee is spiced and packaged by hand in Finland.

Kanelimamma’s founder Hanne’s Granny Saimi used to spice her coffee with cardamom. It goes without saying that this wonderful coffee from the good old days is now a part of Kanelimamma’s coffee selection! The delicious coffee, spiced with real cardamom can be used to pamper friends, family and yourself every day of the year. This coffee is available only in a spring time.

And how about celebrating the Christmas season with a tasty Christmas coffee with real spices: cardamom, Ceylon cinnamon, ginger and cloves? This Kanelimamma cofffee speciality is mixed in Finland and is called Gingerbread Coffee as it smells and tastes wonderfully like Finnish Christmas gingerbread.

All coffees come in packages of 160-180 grams. Enjoy your special coffee moments!


Coffee with traditional hint

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