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Spices & herbs

Kanelimamma chooses its spices very carefully. The company co-operates with a trustworthy, European spice wholesaler and the spices are also tailored to fit Kanelimamma’s requirements.

Kanelimamma only has real spices in its selection: natural spices and herbs, no artificial ingredients like monosodium glutamate or flavour enhancers. Kanelimamma does not use cheap fillers like potato or corn starch in its spice mixtures. All spice mixes have only pure spices and herbs without additives or preservatives. Some mixes may have a pinch of salt or sugar for the taste - and that’s it.

Kanelimamma’s spices are high-quality premium spices. Take the cinnamon for example. It’s the higher-quality Ceylon cinnamon and not the so-called China cinnamon which you can find in supermarkets and which has been proven to be liver-damaging when consumed in large amounts.

All Kanelimamma’s packages are generously sized so you can enjoy the spices for a long time (do remember to store the spices in room temperature and out of sunlight though!). Use Kanelimamma’s spices to create sweet and savoury delicacies for yourself and your loved ones.

Kanelimamma’s ecological packages are beautiful and the spices are a great present for a friend. Something pleasing to look at, needed and generally great for someone who already has everything. There’s a ”card” at the back of the spice package which you can use to write a little greeting for the recipient. The packaging can be later on reused for storing those tiny but important things, so no waste is created.

Without any additives

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