Kanelimamma´s tea

Pamper yourself or your friends with Kanelimamma’s warm, rich tea. In our small tea selection we have chosen the best flavors to treat yourself throughout the year. The much-praised Kanelimamma teas are full of wonderful scent and flavour. Why not give a friend a beautiful, small present of tea with delicious contents? Each package contains a small surprise – a mini post card.

Tea is the perfect warm gift. For anyone dreaming of a vacation in the sun, Sunshine is the tea of choice. It is an exotic, soft and fruity black tea. As the name says, this high-quality tea with pineapple and papaya brings a few rays of sun to each and every day.

For green tea lovers we would like to serve our Good Mood tea. It is a delightful green tea which has won over many fans with its berry and rose scent and taste. Green tea is full of great elements that are proven to have positive effects on your health.

At Christmastime you can indulge yourself and your loved ones with our Christmas Feeling tea. This fruit infusion is filled with the scents and tastes of apples and cinnamon. The fruit tea is wonderfully red in colour which makes it an even more suitable as a warming Christmas beverage.

Flavored black tea
60 g. Lovely tea with tropical fruits like pineapple and papaya. Ingredients: black tea, dried pineapple, papaya and raisins, marigold petals, flavour.
Good mood
Flavored green tea
50 g with berries and roses. Ingredients: green tea (Chun Mee), chokeberry, wild rose, blueberries, blackberries, red currant, marshmallow flowers, straberry slices, flavour.
Christmas feeling
Flavored fruit tea
60 g with apple slices and cinnamon. Perfect tea for the christmas time!

Ingredients: apple pieces, orange peel, rose buds, cinnamon, petals of hibiscus, flavor.
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