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Kanelimamma Deli & Design

Kanelimamma is a Finnish company established in 2017. Kanelimamma wants to share delicious moments and happy feelings through its beautiful and environmentally friendly products. The grounder of Kanelimamma is Hanne, a mother of two children, who has boiled toffee when she was a child and who has always loved self baked cinnamon rolls. That is why the company´s name is Kanelimamma, which means Cinnamon mother in finnish. 

Warm hertedness

Kanelimamma wants to offer its friends products that bring them joy and warmth. All products carry a warm message, and Kanelimamma wants to treat its customers and partners well. Kanelimamma aims to spread the message of the importance of spending time together – therefore it offers products for shared moments like cooking and celebrating with family and friends.


Kanelimamma wants to be a good friend to people as well as nature. It wants to offer its friends products that are pure and of high quality, as Kanelimamma cares about the well-being of all its friends. Kanelimamma also respects nature and wants to take care of it by making sure the products it offers are kind to nature and ecologically packaged.


Kanelimamma likes old things, the leisurely atmosphere of the good old days, Granny’s hand-knitted woollen socks and traditional foods. A hint of that nostalgic feeling surrounds Kanelimamma’s products through design and stories. Many of the products has a story based on golden childhood memories. Sometimes it’s simply good to stop for a second and let your memories fly back to those rose-coloured summers and winters of your childhood days.

kotimaiset lahjatuotteet, herkut ja sisustus

Deli & Design

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Would you like to offer Kanelimamma’s products in your store? Or do you  have feedback for us? We’d love to hear from you!

Kanelimamma does not pass on any information you send us to third parties (EU Data Protection Act GDPR)

Kanelimamma Oy

Mekaanikonkatu 19 B

00880 Helsinki


VAT: FI31153034

+358 44 385 4723 / Hanne

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